Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 – Notifications

A quick look at the notification feature in Dynamics CRM 2013.

I had the privilege of getting my hands on the latest Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Beta recently.
Just like any new CRM release, I am quite impressed with the new UI and features introduced.
Unfortunately I am unable to share any of the details with the rest of the world until the NDA is over, however I can shares some of the stuff that was covered during the Blitz Day.
Being a developer by heart, my main focus will be on any new API enhancements.
As described in the Blitz Days CRM 2013 introduced the concept of form notifications. This feature is perfect to display unobtrusive messages on the screen when the state of the record changes.

Furthermore CRM 2013 has an auto-save functionality which triggers every 30 seconds or as set up. Coupling those two new features with some Ajax magic, background checks can be triggered every time the auto-save activates and users can be notified of state changes to the record.

If you haven’t figured it out yet this is the ideal solution for an optimistic concurrency control solution 🙂 Stay tuned for an extensive post on this topic once the NDA is lifted.


Rami Mounla

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