The content of this blog is purely based on my opinions and my point of view. The content does not reflect my employers opinion, or any of the clients that I worked for. I will do my best not to mention (directly or indirectly) the organisations I have worked for. Please do not try to associate a blog post or an opinion to a previous job I was involved in.

Rami Mounla


  1. Kavitha

    Hi Rami,
    Have you used EasyRepro for Automated UI, Azure Devops for Test Case management, GitHub for source safe and Octopus for deployment? I would like to run automated test scripts from Octopus and write back the results of each step of the test scenario in Azure DevOps. I am new to this and it would be great if you can help

    • Rami Mounla

      Hi Kavitha,
      I have used most of those technologies. I have written about them in my book. More recently I did a DevOps talk in UG Focus in Melbourne about Dynamics 365 CE Azure DevOps deployments. Connect with me on LinkedIn or by email and we can continue the conversation.

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