Best 10 Dynamics 365 Features – 2024 release Wave 1

In continuation to my previous post here are the best 10 Dynamics 365 features announced in release wave 1 2024.

In Dynamics 365 we can see more end-user copilot capabilities that will significantly boost your productivity. Most of them are self explanatory.

1. Summarize lengthy emails using Copilot in Dynamics 365 Sales – GA Apr 24

2. Get real-time insights with Copilot on the home page – GA Apr 24

3. Plan and perform assigned tasks seamlessly with preview of all Sequence steps – GA Apr 24

4. Integrate Copilot for Sales with Outlook email drafts and summaries – Copilot for Sales – GA Apr 24

Those two features do not require any screenshots, it provides users with a first-class copilot experience within outlook. GA in April.

5. Automatic prompt from Copilot – Public Preview Apr 24

Ask questions and get answers based on your data in D365 Customer Service, this feature make it easier for agents to gather details from D365 by leveraging the power of copilot right within their app.

6. Experience the new look with a refreshed styling – GA Apr 24

This feature is finally going GA in April with the new fluent-based facelift for the aging Model Driven apps look-and-feel.

7. Create multiple cases from email sent to multiple mailboxes – GA Apr 24

In my previous blog, I mentioned the option to attach an email to multiple regarding records. This feature is an extension to this capability, where an email sent to multiple mailboxes can be associated with multiple cases.

8. Omnichannel enhancements to outbound dialing – GA Apr 24

This feature makes it easier to place calls by enable customer search right from the outbound dialer.

9. Mask sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access – GA Sept 24

Similar to the Dataverse feature highlighted in my previous post, this feature enables sensitive data masking within Omnichannel including read auditing.

10. Use the enhanced attachment experience while composing email – GA Apr 24

Enhance email composition and attachment management using drag and drop.

Hope you enjoyed the list. Comment below if you have other favourites.

Rami Mounla